It is time to give Scottish food its moment in the light. Recently  I have been cooking a lot from my latest ‘New Nordic’ recipe book. (I am a little obsessed with beautiful cooking books). As I look through the New Nordic cook book I see great similarities with indigenous Scottish ingredients and Nordic cooking; great local resources, northern climate ingredients and similar tradition of functional receipts evolved through time by necessity and what was available.

We do not get to spend as much time in our home in Speyside as we would like but love my Speyside kitchen. It is where I cook, get inspired about ingredients, collect herbs from our kitchen herb garden to use. It is where we do our family events and dinners and it is where we have a little more time to enjoy the process of cooking.

For us our Speyside kitchen is all about sharing time and memories. There is no better way to do that than through the process of planning, collecting local ingredients, preparing food together, creating and ultimately sharing the food with each other.

Slowly I hope to build a page highlighting some of the dishes we make, menus as well as local suppliers and ingredients. My style of cooking is simple recipes with quality ingredients presented in a stylish but family presentation. Easy food, beautiful ingredients presented modern family style. Simplicity is key to me as visits to Glenarder can be short and fleeting so time does not allow me on most occasions to get to complicated. That and I don’t want to be in the kitchen the whole time I am there. Same for our rental guests who come and go, I try to present recipes and ideas that also allows them to enjoy the kitchen and local ingredients …without tying them to the kitchen.

Outdoor cooking is a big thing for us. With a Canadian husband outdoor cooking and BBQ ing is a bit part of our life at Glenarder. Speyside has amazing resources of meat, fish, seafood, dairy and pantry ingredients, be sure to enjoy them while in the area.

Meanwhile please enjoy some links to local recipes as well as some photos and receipts from our Speyside Kitchen Pinterest Page. The page is a work in progress so check back every now no again.

To get you started take a look as some delicious Scottish dishes such a Cullen Skink, a hearty soup made from fresh local smoked haddock and potatoes or herb and lemon stuffed trout on the bbq.



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