The star of Glenarder is off course the scenery.


As you turn off the public road onto the local residents rod you will drive toward sweeping vistas of the Heather covered moors, it was this scenic arrival that sold the property to us, even before we stepped into the cottage. From this road you will turn into our private road, passing the barn continue along the long sweeping driveway toward the house. There is ample parking for as many cars as you may bring.


With uninterrupted views we have perfectly undisturbed panoramic views on all sides. Our nearest neighbours are in the distance and admittedly on a dark winters night it is comforting to look out and see the twinkle of their lights in the distance. The garden comprises 2 1/2 acres of fully fenced in lawn, with sweeping views toward Ben Rinnes Mountain, Knockando and the hills behind


The landscape is so beautiful and peaceful that we spend as much time as possible outside.



The garden is well maintained but simple as we do not want to distract from the already perfect landscape. There is a large sunken lawn in the front beautifully set of by 5 tall old trees – which we like to think watch over Glenarder. Between the trees there is a hammock, perfect for an afternoon nap.



The sunrises and sun sets can be stunning, in the front garden you can sit with your coffee and welcome the new day with the morning birds and in the summer evenings sit on the back terrace and watch the sun slowly slip behind the hills. Even when it is chilly we can often be found outside cuddled in blankets with a glass of wine enjoying the last of the sun.



There is a stone terrace and flowers with a picnic table and loungers. There are also loungers, benches and hammock in the front garden as well as an outdoor fire pit. We provide picnic blankets, bbq coals and picnic utensils.



The bbq is always at the ready, Speyside has so much quality  and organic produce that it would almost be a sin not to take advantage of the outdoor bbq.



For fun you also benefit from the legacy of a Canadian husband by enjoying the fire circle complete with benches for summer evening bonfires, upon request we even provide a bonfire basket equipped with marshmallows and Smores supplies. No more perfect an evening spent than enjoying the magnificent display of stars round an open fire.



Summer solstice. Glenarder is far north, in the summer this makes for long summer solstice days with the sun rising very early and not setting until 11 pm in June – It is a magical time.



For bird watchers this is the spot! Kids will love the lambs across the valley and the visits from our nosy neighbour cows who often wander up to our far fence to check us out, I think we amuse them.  They do tend to  make us feel a little guilty when we are BBQing though!





Outside dining



p style=”text-align:center;”>PINTREST BOARDS






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