Moray Firth Coastline


National Geographic 2014.

Glenarder is perfectly positioned to enjoy the spectacular Moray Firth Coastline. Often overlooked for the west coast the Moray Firth has quietly gone on with being wonderful. Recently well deserved recognition has been bestowed on the area by National geographic who voted the Moray Firth as one of the most beautiful and unspoiled coastlines in the world. The coastline is known for its wildlifeq and marine life, stunning scenery, 17th century harbours and the Moray Coast Trail.

17th century fishing villages, vast open beaches, dolphins and ice cream.

I spent my summer holidays visiting my Grandparents, one who lived in Buckie and one who lived in Findochty. My mornings were either spent watching the fishing boats arrive back in to the harbour in Buckie or scrambling on the rocks and beaches of Findochty, long walks on Cullen Beach followed by the ‘secret recipe’ ice cream made at the local shop.On a great summer day you’re in for a treat, even in a less warm day, bundle up and enjoy the coast line anyway. You can access the coastal trail which runs along the North East of Scotland at any point, however coming from Glenarder the closest access points would be closet to Findhorn, Buckie or Portsoy. I suggest picking a midway point and driving easterly or westerly from that point and circling back to Glenarder.

The coast is dotted with beautiful little fishing villages famous for their 17th century built harbours. Today they are thriving little villages and holiday spots. The colder Scottish weather does not both kids, on with their wet suits and there happy. There are opportunities for bird watching, Dolphin tours, Golfing next to the sea and ice cream tastings.   On a great summer day your are in for a treat, even in a less warm day you are still in for a treat, just bundle up and enjoy it anyway. See links below for further information.

Watch the video

The Moray Speyside Coast

The Scotsman – Moray Firth, One of the Most Beautiful Coastlines

The Moray Coast Trail

image image

From Glenarder the closest beach would be Findhorn village and beaches. it is beautiful and scenic drive via the back roads to the beach. Easy driving on smaller roads.  Approx 35 min drive.  SEE MAP

From Glenarder – I suggest a round trip starting at Lossiemouth mouth. You can then choose to go east or west depending on which villages you are most interested in visiting. SEE MAP TO LOSSIEMOUTH

I suggest looking at Google maps to provide the exact return trip to Glenarder, depending on which village you chose to end your day.





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