Glenarder welcomes family and friends to come together and reconnect in this lovely highland cottage set in a stunning location. Glenarder is also cozy enough to welcome the single traveller who perhaps wishes to rejuvenate and enjoy precious time alone or the artist who wants to be inspired.

The three bedroom cottage has been designed to maximise sleeping arrangements as well as providing separate zones of space for when you want to spread out, for example the small library/bedroom on the main floor is designed to function as a sleeping area but also a day/library area, perfect to set children up with their games and toys as the adults perhaps enjoy a glass of wine by the fire. Multiple tv zones have been incorporated because we know how teenagers can command the TV.

Glenarder is perfect for a small group or family celebration, with a large farmhouse dining table in the family kitchen as well as picnic tables set up outside an indoor or outdoor celebration takes on a very magical atmosphere and will be remembered by all.

Our intent is laid back luxury and open vistas. Glenarder has been designed around cozy spots to relax and enjoy the quite, a warm fireplace, aromatic candles, sumptuous beds and linens, and a warm welcoming family kitchen at the center of the house.

We did not forget that we are in the highlands and that even in luxury there must be practicality, this is a home-made for holidays, good weather or highland weather, muddy boots, kids and much coming and goings. Significantly consideration has been focused on function; such as the design of the utility space entering the house, a spot to drop your wellies and clean up from your day outside, wood flooring that needs little maintenance, lots of warm blankets for outside, ample firewood for evening fires and a fully equipped kitchen and larder stocked with all your every day basics.

We even invite you to partake of a complimentary dram of whisky as you toast your days activities.



 Fun Times at Glenarder   

Our Speyside Kitchen

Glenarder Inspiration


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