Speyside is blessed with endless walking paths; over moorland, hills and coastal walks. All of which are beautiful and mostly quite moderate walking. Slowly I am trying to add as much information as possible however there really is so much choice and options it is taking me a while to get the information together. I will start with our favourites and add as I go. Take a look at the related websites and they will lead you to many other options.

At the cottage you will find some further books and information as well as a map outlining our favourite walks.

First and most obviously we are located only 2km from an entry point to the Speyside way which runs all the way to the Moray Coast and is a fantastic starting point for walking adventures in Moray.


Photo by Walk Highlands

Photo by Walk Highlands

Either enter at Blacksboat by the bridge over the Spey and walk towards Ballindalloch or another suggestion is to join the Spey path anywhere in Aberlour and walk toward Craigellachie. Easy walking.

Another good jumping in point is at Carron and walk right. Lovely summer walk behind the Knockando Estate.  Or jump in at Carron and turn left. Walk towards past the Old Tamdhu train station.
See more information: Speyside Way and Walk Highlands.

The stretch of Speyside way closest to Glenarder is Craigellachie to Ballindalloch. (Jump in at Blacksboat for closest location to Glenarder – look for Glenarder – top left of picture and follow B9102 toward Blacksboat, the entry point to the Spey is right before the bridge, entry on your right-hand side by the old train station house). See map

Ballindalloch to Granton-on-Spey.  You can join at Ballindalloch, 5-10 minute drive from Glenarder.



Our favourite ‘go to’ walk is Smugglers Trail in the stunning Glenlivet Estate. It sums up Scotland and Speyside, you won’t be disappointed. Pack a lunch and allow four hours for comfortable walking, approximately half way in you will come to a small river, perfect spot to take a break. Easy moderate level walking through spectacular and moorland. Particularly stunning late summer and early autumn when the Heather is in full bloom. There are many other walks and biking paths within the estate.

Location and PDF guide maps.  Glenlivet Estate Walking Information.

TIP – Our favourite walk. Just check the weather before you go, bring food and plan for a lunch half way through. Half way into the you will come to a lovely spot by a small stream. John Gillespie Smugglers Way



Discover Culbin’s extraordinary and ever-changing sandy forest landscape on foot, by bike or on horseback. Walk toward the beach and look back at the fishing town of  Findhorn. Climb the forest look out point for a magnificent over the tree tops view out across the Moray Firth. Extremely well kept paths particularly good for wheelchairs, and children’s prams.

Culbin Forrest Walk



From Forres to Granton-on-Spey. The Dava Moor is one of my most favourite walks or drives. Take in the views looking toward Granton-on-Spey direction of the magnificnet Cairngorm mountains. Some of Europe’s rarest remaining open moor land.

Dava Way


THE MORAY COASTAL TRAIL. If you have the time this is no to be missed. Follow the coast path passing small fishing towns and magnificent open beaches. You will not be disappointed. You can jump in at any point along the trail. Approx 45 minutes drive from Glenarder.

See Moray Firth Coastline



A nice easy and short walk if you are in Aberlour. Allow about 45 mins. Easy walk behind Aberlour distillery to the surprising Lynn Falls.

Linn Falls. Walk Highlands.



Look out our living room window and you will see Ben Rinnes. It is well worth the walk to the top just for the amazing views surrounding and as far as the Moray Coast, take a look back and see Glenarder. Can be spectacular at sunset. Moderate walk, uphill but really not-to-bad. The backside of Ben Rinnes is spectacular in late August when the hillsides are covered with blooming Heather. Allow 2-3 hours. Route Map

For further information: Friends of Ben Rinnes

Map from Glenarder to Ben Rinnes walking path


CRAIGELLACHIE TO TELFORD BRIDGE. A lovely walk along the Spey ending at the Telford Bridge. Just by chance the Mash Tun pub is also right there so enjoy a wee drink before heading back or onwards.  Route Map



We have quite a few lovely little walks very close to the cottage. Most obviously we would send you to the The Speyside way which follows the old train line along the Spey. This is only 2km from Glenarder and you can walk in either direction for as short or as long as you want. See above Speyside Way.

Archiestown to Aberlour…with lunch at The Mashtun pub.


It is about a 40 minute walk. You will pass a lovely forest area and renovated cottage. Shortly after that you will pass the Old and delapotated Garden walls of Easter Elchies Estate. Continue down the path and down hill until you come to the Spey and the Victoria Suspension Bridge. (The one yo uwill see in all the local photos of Aberlour). Cross the bridge and fear left into the park area. Follow the path until you come to The Mashtun Pub on the end of the Park. Just ask anyone they will direct you. Have lunch and return…uphill but doable. A great way to walk off Lunch.

The leakin. 

One of our closest and most unknown paths. A very short drive (or bike ride) from Glenarder. The path starts close to hillside cottage. It is a public footpath so do not be put off you are not intruding. By the farm cottage you will see an empty area to the left of the cottage. Park here. Before you start walking looked down and to your right you will see our little Glenarder. Along the walking path you will follow the trickling Alte Arder stream until you come to an old delloptated cottage ruin. Take a moment to imagine living here before there were paved roads, cars and internet. Must have been both amazing but isolated. Be sure as you walk to look back as you walk for lovely views of Ben Rinnes. You can continue walk-in until you see a peat bog loch. Stay to the path the peat and heather can be very wet and you don’t want to get stuck in the bog. Stay to the path and you will be all good. Return the way you came.


Pauls Hill Wind Farm walk.

love them or hate them the walk up to view the Wind Farm is worth it. You will enjoy some of the most magnificent scenery and open Moor land. We hope to keep the wind farm as it is without any extensions as the value of the open moorland is paramount to us.

From Glenarder follow the path towards the wind farm cutting road. It’s a steep grade up at first but worth it after you make it past the first part. Follow the path until you see a vearing to the left in the heather and follow up until you come to a look out point. See magnificent views. If you do not follow the left vear you will continue along the main path leading to the wind turbines. You have to walk quite a bit to see the turbines but the views are worth it. Even if you don’t go as far as the turbines you will enjoy the fast expanse or open moors. Some of the most rare in Euorpe. Do not go close to the turbines…stand from a distance to view. Watch out for the very occasional wind farm maintenance vans as you walk along.



Dufftown to Balvenie Castle (By Glenfiddich Distillery). Lovely walk and old ruined castle, great for photos and even a little gift shop. Take in a distillery tour while you are at it. Route Map


The Leakin – on New Years Day   – see map